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Celestial Spheres Set    Model # PS02
$109.95 (free shipping/handling)


Recommended for astronomy and earth science at the junior high school through college level.  Learn to use the sky for navigation and grasp what causes the seasons.  With the celestial sphere, students are able to model the apparent daily motions of the stars and the sun for a variety of latitudes and for any day of the year. The activity includes data that the students can use to see that the seasons are not caused by the distance between the earth and the sun.

Set includes:

  • 20 clear plastic hemispheres
  • 10 Star Chart (500 brightest stars in Northern and Southern hemispheres)
  • 10 Pens to mark stars inside hemispheres
  • 10 earth globes (1" diameter)
  • 10 pins representing sun
  • 10 Styrofoam bases
  • 10 wooden dowels for axis
  • 10 plastic straws for support
  • 1 instruction / activity book


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