SMARTHOME offers homeowners and contractors affordable home automation, remote control products, sophisticated lighting systems, security systems, digital home wiring systems, smart appliances, home automation controllers, home networking, and more.  SmartHome is recognized as the world's largest retailer and leading manufacturer of home automation electronics. 

 Mobile Video Entertainment System

  • Passengers can watch VHS movies or DVDs — even play video games
  • Compatible with virtually any car, minivan or SUV
  • Dedicated earphone jacks keep passengers entertained without distracting driver
  • Perfect for families who take long road trips
Simplify Your Life

Mow the lawn without leaving your hammock!

Imagine a house that listens when you speak!

Keep the pets fed & plants watered while you relax on vacation

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The World's Smallest Video Camera

 Wireless BBQ Temperature Probe

Nothing beats the taste and smell of outdoor cooking over a flaming grill! So why not ensure that your meat is cooked to perfection every time with an easy-to-use Wireless BBQ Temperature Probe? This highly-reliable tool lets you know exactly when to take the food off the flame depending on how you like it (rare, medium, well, or anywhere in between). No more overcooked food! No more cutting into the meat to see if it's done! And no more sending food back to the grill for additional cooking!  Best of all, the system works remotely, displaying the temperature on a desktop station which you can conveniently place on your kitchen counter, so you don't have to check up on the meat every two minutes! Just plug the probe sensor wire into the remote sensor jack at the bottom of the transmitter, insert the probe into the center of the meat and place the food in the BBQ or oven. You'll then be able to gauge the meat's temperature remotely without constantly letting the heat out by opening your BBQ.  The kit comes with a desktop temperature station, remote transmitter and meat probe. The system requires 2 AA batteries and 1 9-volt battery (batteries sold separately).  View Details


 Pocket Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer

Ever wanted to prove to someone that they're too intoxicated to drive? Let the Pocket Breath Analyzer give you the evidence you need! This handy blood-alcohol analyzer is roughly the size of two fingers, so it can be taken anywhere. It also comes with a velveteen pouch to protect it from harm. Just slip it into your pocket or purse, and after a night on the town you can use it to determine if someone should be driving, or if a taxicab would be the better solution.  The Breath Analyzer is incredibly easy to use. It beeps when ready to use, and again when a reading has been successfully taken. If a reading was unsuccessful, an error message alerts you that the test needs to be repeated. A test takes less than 10 seconds, so you won't get light-headed or short-of-breath trying to determine your blood alcohol content.  Runs on two AAA batteries, which are good for over 300 uses. The Analyzer alerts you when the batteries are getting low, as well as when they are too low to provide an accurate reading, so you can replace them before it's too late. It also features a backlit LCD screen, making it convenient to use at clubs, bars, parties or other locations with low lighting.  View Details

Please note: This tool is not designed to replace good judgment. If you feel someone isn't fit to drive — even if the breath analyzer shows a blood alcohol level within your state's legal limit — do not let them drive.


Outdoor Motion Detector Floodlight Video Camera

Now you can get two products in one package: a weatherproof black & white video camera built into a working PIR motion detector floodlight unit. Although this unit looks like a regular motion sensing floodlight assembly, it contains a high-resolution black & white camera that's only 7/8" in diameter and two inches long. The camera is attached to a heavy-duty outdoor electrical box.

The camera and motion sensor operate independently, which means the camera is operating all the time from its own power source. The PIR sensor will detect motion day or night (or just at night), up to 70' with a 180° field of view. The motion detector and floodlights are hardwired to 120VAC.

The camera has 380 lines of resolution and 0.5 lux for excellent images, even in low light conditions. The 3.6mm wide-angle lens will cover a 72° field of view. Video output is by an RCA female plug and an adapter to BNC female in included. An AC to DC power supply included. Use a 65' or 100' extension cord (sold separately) to extend the video and power cables. 
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 Wireless Bookshelf Security Camera

Keep tabs on babysitters, nannies, maids, employees or house sitters with the Wireless Bookshelf Security Camera, a high-quality covert surveillance camera hidden in an inconspicuous book. This wireless color camera, strategically located behind a nearly undetectable pinhole on the book's spine, transmits high-resolution color video over the 900MHz band to a receiver that can be placed in any room up to 200 feet away! And because the camera operates on 8 AA batteries (sold separately), you can place it on any bookshelf without having to run wires!
The Wireless Bookshelf Security Camera works with two different receivers (each sold separately). The #7647F standalone receiver can be connected to a TV's video input for direct viewing or to a VCR for surveillance taping. The #7647H combination monitor/receiver can receive and display a video signal directly from the 900MHz transmitter camera and output its signal to a VCR for surveillance taping. Both receivers include AC to DC power adapters. The camera offers a 380-line resolution and operates with as little as 0.7 lux of light.  The title of the book which the camera is built into may vary. 
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 Help Protect Your Kids from Swimming Pool Hazards

Protect what's most valuable to you — your children — with a revolutionary pool safety system that warns you when your child falls into a swimming pool. Simply lock the child-friendly wristband around your child's wrist, place the Safety Turtle base station anywhere within 100 feet of the swimming pool, and the AC-powered base station will emit a piercing alarm the moment your child jumps or falls into the swimming pool.
Permanent Hardware Installation Required
Unlike expensive hard-wired pool alarm systems, no hardware is required in or around the pool. Plus it's completely transportable. Take it with you to vacation homes, campsites or relatives' homes. 

Minimizes False Alarms Caused by Normal Kids' Play
The Safety Turtle wristband features a bright-colored turtle and locks securely onto your child's wrist with an included key, ensuring that your child doesn't remove it or lose it. Designed to withstand children's play, these rugged wristbands must be immersed before activating — no false alarms due to rain or spray from lawn sprinklers. 
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 Electromagnetic Cat Door

Protect your home from strays and rodents while allowing your pet free access. Silent action transparent weatherproof flap. Door liner suits hollow and solid doors up to 2 1/4 thick. Supplied with 2 magnetic collar keys - spares are available. The door automatically unlocks and allows your cat or small dog to push through the flap when it senses the magnetic key on your pet’s collar. All other animals will encounter a locked flap. Three additional settings allow you to lock the door, allow your pet to enter but not exit or allow your pet to exit but not enter again. Uses a 9-volt battery (not included).  View Details



 Pet Chime Portable Wireless Doorbell

Find out when your pets need to go outside without learning the hard way! When your pets step on this portable paw-shaped remote control, it signals a wireless chime. System has a 100-ft. range.

The remote uses one 9V battery, and the chime uses three AA batteries (batteries sold separately).
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 Bark Free Noise Deterrent

Stop annoying barking from your dog — or your neighbor's dog — with Bark Free, a humane and effective bark deterrent that quiets noisy dogs without inflicting harm or pain. This revolutionary system automatically detects dog barking and responds by emitting a high-pitched tone that humans can't hear. Although the tone does not cause pain to animals, most dogs don't like it and will stop needless barking.
Works With Any Size/Breed of Dog
Developed by veterinary technicians, Bark Free works with any size or breed of dog. Use it to cure a dog's behavioral problems or to train puppies not to bark. Ideal for kennels or multiple-dog homes, Bark Free responds to barking made from up to 25 ft. away. Simply install the system using the included mounting bracket, making sure the unit and its 50-ft. power cord are out of the dog's reach, and it will automatically turn on when barking occurs.
Won't Disturb People
Bark Free features adjustable sensitivity, eliminating the chance of any false sound readings. It also offers two tone settings: ultrasonic (only dogs can hear it) or audible (humans can hear it too). A vinyl rain cover is provided to reduce water damage in outdoor settings. AC powered.
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 Save Money by Automating Your Solar Pool Heating System!

Make heating your swimming pool or spa as easy and trouble-free as heating your home with the Electric Solar Pool Heating Control System. Just like a home thermostat, where you set it and forget it, simply adjust the system's thermostat to the water temperature you prefer, and this money-saving system will automatically turn the valves or pumps of your existing solar heating system on or off until the water reaches that temperature. Try it out in your pool and in no time, you'll find that it increases the performance of your solar heating system from 15 to 50 percent!

The system works by comparing the temperatures of your solar heating system with the water in your pool or spa. For example, if the solar heating system is warmer than the pool/spa water, the controller will turn the motorized valve to allow the pool/spa water to flow through the solar heating system to absorb heat. When the pool or spa water reaches the same temperature as the solar heating system, the controller turns the valve again so the pool/spa water will no longer flow through the solar heating system. This feature not only keeps the pool from overheating, it also reduces the likelihood of bacteria growth. If desired, the system will automatically keep the pool from getting too warm in the hot summer months by reversing its operation and actually cooling your pool at night.

The Electronic Solar Pool Heating Control System is built into a locking, weatherproof enclosure, and has terminal strip connections for incoming 120VAC or 240VAC power. Output rating is 24VAC, 20 watts, 0.85 amps, the industry standard for pool/spa valves. The system comes with a valve assembly for two-inch PVC pipes, motorized actuator assembly and sensors for the pool & solar panels. All connections are out of sight, behind the inside cover plate, protecting them from unauthorized tampering. LED indicators show the status of system operation. System test switch and recirculation freeze protection also featured. 
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 Sleep Cool — Without Cranking Up The AC!

If you're like us, you've spent many a warm evening tossing and turning, flipping your pillow to find that last remaining cool spot to lay your head on. So when the Chillow came across our desks — a truly unique product that keeps your pillow cool — we were simultaneously skeptical and optimistic. This product promised to keep cool no matter how long we lay on it, without using any power or chemicals. We just had to try it out.

Amazingly, the Chillow does exactly what it claims! This heavy duty enclosure is filled with a special foam/gel. Just add water to the fill port and place it in your pillow case with the medical grade cloth face up. That's all there is to it.

The effect is nothing short of incredible! The Chillow pulls heat away from your head, quickly dropping the surface temperature. In fact, one of our testers took it home and let his wife use it. She felt it was almost TOO cool, it worked so well! Even Smarthome's president tried it, and marveled at its ability to keep cool, after a solid hour of using it in his office chair!

Use the Chillow to help you sleep better during those warm summer months. Not only will you save money by not running the AC as often, but you'll also improve your health. Most folks just don't get enough sleep, and the sleep they get isn't restful enough to let them recharge for the day ahead. Lack of sleep causes health problems like fatigue, stress, and increased susceptibility to disease. The Chillow can help you regain your full night's sleep!

The Chillow can also be used in lieu of an ice pack. Its cooling effect works wonders on sunburns, swollen joints, and strained muscles. In fact, anything you'd use an icepack for, the Chillow can help, without freezing! And because it's not as cold as an icepack, you can use it for a longer period of time without discomfort or melting ice. 
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Drive off stray animals from your property with this safe Animal Repeller

 Keep Your Pets Off the Furniture with the ScatMat

 Eliminate Rodents with the Rat Zapper!

 Gifts for the Gadget Lover in your Life

 Remote Controls

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