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Wall Maps > World History Maps 1945 - 2002

Classroom Laminated Wall Maps on Rollers - World History

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two maps of world history

Durably laminated classroom maps measure 46" x 49". Easy to read, printed on tough non-tear material, brightly colored, and markable with dry erase or water soluble markers. 

All maps in this series meet US history curriculum requirements.

Save money and space by mounting History Wall Maps together, as a set, on one spring roller-mounted wall map operation. This product is ideal for public, private, parochial, and home schools.



Wall maps can be ordered as multiple map sets or as single maps.

If ordering a set, please indicate map item number and title in the Special Instructions Section of the secure Shopping Cart.


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Please scroll down to view all history maps offered (arranged by approximate dates)

History Wall Map of Europe After World War II

Item # 30446

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies Europe, broken into a series of zones: American zone, British zone, French zone, and the Soviet zone.

wall map of europe after world war II

World History Wall Map of Independent States

Item # 30449

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies states gaining independence from the end of World War II to 1991. Bright coloration shows states gaining independence after 1990; in the 1970s; 1960s; between 1946-1959; and those independent in 1990.

Independent States wall map

World History Wall Map of Cold War in Europe, 1946-1990

Item # 30452

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map of Europe. After World War II – between 1946 and 1990 – the world was embroiled in a Cold War, pitting the countries allied with the US and Western Europe against the Communist countries, including the Soviet Union and other members of the Warsaw Pact.

Cold war europe historical wall map

World History Wall Map of NATO - North American Treaty Organization

Item # 30455

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies charter members, nations joining NATO as of 1955; nations joining NATO after 1955; and those formally invited to consider membership as of the November 2002 Summit.

NATO wall map

World History Wall Map of Post Cold War, 1990-1995

Item # 30458

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies four major entities: ethnic conflicts, terrorists bases, major wars, and UN troop locations.

Post cold war europe wall map

World History Wall Map of the Korean War, 1950-1953

Item # 30461

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies the North Korean and UN offensives, lines of furthest advances, and the Armistice line.

korean war wall map

World History Wall Map of European Union

Item # 30464

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map shows the original membership of 1950, 1973, 1981, 1986, and 1995; pending memberships; memberships scheduled for a vote in 2003; and other candidates seeking EU membership.

european union wall map

World History Wall Map of Vietnam War, 1964-1975

Item # 30467

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map shows US and South Vietnamese movements, as well as North Vietnamese supply routes. Some shaded relief is shown on the map. Other details include major cities.

vietnam war walll map

World History Wall Map of US Involvement in Latin America, 1953-2000

Item # 30470

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map names the countries and events the United States was involved in, with a number of Latin American countries during the second half of the 20th.

US in latin america wall map

World History Wall Map of UN Sanctions

Item # 30473

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies current sanctions, sanctions fully lifted, sanctions suspended, and sanctions that have been lifted with limited prohibitions.

UN Sanctions wall map


World History Wall Map of UN Military & Peacekeeping Missions, 1970-2003

Item # 30476

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies current and past operations.

UN missions wall map

World History Wall Map of Russia & the Former Soviet Union, 1991

Item # 30479

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies the mother country, Russia, and then the satellite countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Stan, and more.

soviet union 1991 wall map

World History Wall Map of Persian Gulf War, 1991

Item # 30482

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies oil fields, pipelines, air bases, Coalition land bases, Coalition naval bases, chemical facilities, movement lines for coalition forces, US battleships, and US aircraft carriers.

Persian gulf war wall map

World History Wall Map of Independence Dates for Countries

Item # 30485

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map provides the dates that various countries of the world became independent; including states that became independent prior to 1945; from 1945-1950; from 1950-1975; from 1975-to present; states that are not independent; and those with no date.

wall map of independece dates for coutries

World Wall Map, 2000

Item # 30488

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map identifies the various states of the world, as of 2000. Includes country labels and a list of which Pacific, Caribbean, and European nations are not labeled.

world wall map

World History Wall Map of Terrorism Hotspots, 2001-2002

Item # 30491

Sale:  $84.99 - $329.99  (free ship/h)

Wall map shows the number of incidents in 2001 and 2002.

wall map of terrorism hotspots 2002


(1) 10,000 BC - 100 BC      (2) 400 - 1000      (3) 1000 - 1672      (4) 1441 - 1776     (5) 1800 - 1900     (6) 1910 - 1945     (7) 1945 - 2004



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World History Pull Down Classroom Wall Maps on Rollers by UM, Item # 302xx

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